Girls are flying high! Carissa Moore’s Huge Aerial Is Already a “Defining Moment” For Women’s Surfing

It’s only been a few days since surfer Carissa Moore landed the biggest aerial manoeuvre of her career but the move is already being heralded as a historical moment — not only for the Olympic-bound surfer (now the top-ranked woman in the world) but for women’s surfing as a whole.

This momentous moment happen in Australia in the quarterfinals of the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup, the second stop of the World Surf League’s Championship Tour. Moore was facing off in a tight heat against France’s Johanne Defay, she knew she had to pull off something large to ensure she moved into the next round, the semis and her huge air reverse went above and beyond what was expected.

For background: to do an air reverse, the surfer climbs up the wave and takes off, spinning their board either a full 360 degrees in the air before landing, or rotating about 270 degrees, landing backwards, and spinning on their fins to complete the rotation. Moore did the latter, stylishly grabbing the rail of the board and catching at least three feet of air in the process.

It’s a rare move to see on the women’s tour due to the risk involved, and Moore was richly rewarded with a near-perfect 9.9 (some are already saying it should have been a 10). WSL commentator Joe Turpel called it a “defining moment in surfing history”, and Stab Magazine claimed it was “the best aerial ever seen in women’s competition.” Moore’s reaction: joy and total shock. Even Defay had to clap for her, and even gave her a hug afterwards.

We are sure this is just the beginning of even more exciting things to come in the world of women’s surfing and look forward to being a part of it!

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