Corona Virus

As we find ourselves in a truly unprecedented situation, with many of us confined by law to the boundaries of our own properties, we at Surfboss are calling to all of our fellow surfers to use this time as productively as possible, to surf the waves in our imaginations and to embrace this time we have with our families and house mates.

We will all be waxing up soon and taking to the waves once again, but for now we have to buckle down and play our own part in containing this virus. #stayathome

For the time being, we are still able to ship product to most places in Europe and the UK, so if you need to prepare your quivers for the inevitable great return to the beaches, feel free to place orders online in the confidence that all safety precautions are being adhered to with regards to the preparation and delivery of orders.

Yours in surfing,

The Surfboss team!

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